Before and After: DIY Romantic Style Jewelry Board

The other day I came across an old picture and frame in a box of trinkets I had gotten from an auction some time ago. As you can see below the design of the frame is a beautiful french style– but the color and picture are hard on the eyes if you ask me. I knew this frame had potential, so here’s my take on sprucing it up and making it rather useful.

Jewelry Board Before

Frame + Picture Before = Drab. Even your grandmother probably wouldn’t like it.

I decided I wanted to transform this frame into the romantic look it should have been given in the first place when it was manufactured.

I started with a coat of metallic silver spray paint and let it dry for a few hours.

Afterwards I added another coat of ivory spray paint.

Why bother with the coat of silver in the first place you ask? There is a method to my madness, I promise!

I like that slightly scuffed and ruffed up look commonly termed “Shabby Chic” (which, for the record, I despise) and I came across some great tips on another blog how to achieve this look on frames. I found the best method was using sand paper. So the purpose of the initial coat of silver is so when some of the ivory paint is scuffed away some of the silver will show through and glisten!

It already looks better without that 'work of art' in it...

It already looks better without that ‘work of art’ in it…

It's subtle, but the silver changes the whole look of the frame.

It’s subtle, but the silver changes the whole look of the frame.

I’m going to add a more in-depth tutorial on how I made the board, but for now, here is the finished product.