Simple, Pretty DIY Cork Board

In my last post I transformed an old picture frame into something new and easy on the eyes. I also made the damask board insert used to hang the jewelry on.

See my previous post for a tutorial on the frame!

See my previous post for a tutorial on the frame!

It’s super easy to make! The idea first came to me one dull day I was doing school work. I have this small cork board hung over my desk that I pin my current assignments on to help keep me focused. Well, that boring brown board was more of a distraction than anything. I felt the need to do something about it!


Whether the board was really that bad, or if it had more to do with my lack of motivation to do homework is up for debate.

So if you want a jazzed up jewelry board, task board, or if you’re really just looking for a way to waste some time you should be spending otherwise, read on!


~Cork board
~Wrapping paper, wall paper, scrapbook paper, really any kind of paper-like material with a desired image/pattern.
~Paint brush (my suggestion is a sponge brushe like the one I use)
~The final and magic ingredient, MOD PODGE
~Optional: Hot glue-gun, tacks, follower buds, jewels, etc

All of these, with the exception of the Mod Podge, can be found at most dollar stores. The Mod Podge is in any craft store and is a water-based glue/finish/sealer. It’s a bit pricier compared to the other items but It’s every crafters best friend, and a best friend is always worth the investment ;). Mod Podge also comes in different finishes i.e matte, gloss, super gloss. I used the gloss finish on this board.

1. First and foremost…cut a piece of paper to fit the board  

*Tip: make sure you cut enough to cover the edges as well.

2. Pour some Mod Podge on the board and spread evenly

*Tip: Don’t do the edges yet, you can use what’s left on the brush after you get the paper on the surface of the board.


3. Center the paper as best as possible and then place it on the board.

*Tip: Place the center down first, smoothing the paper from the center towards the edges of the board. This will prevent bubbles and bulges. Then use the left over glue on the edges and fold paper over.


4. Wait a few hours…

*Tip:…this is your opportunity to go do whatever you were supposed to be doing in the first place. OR, you could make some pretty tacks for your new board!

4a. Take some fake flower buds, jewels, smiley faces, etc. Hot glue-gun them to some tacks.


5. Add a top-coat of Mod Podge and let it dry for a few more hours.

*Tip: Ok seriously, you should probably go do whatever you were supposed to be doing.


6. Hang it up and marvel at your masterpiece!


Much better. NOW I can focus on my homework…but I’ll check facebook one more time before I do.

Outside of the drying time this is quick and easy. There’s endless options and ways to make this, use whatever pattern/images that are ‘you’ and go for it! You could even use photographs and make a huge collage!

Happy Crafting!


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